Here and Now

                       at TLots

A Westside Showing of over 70 Artists at the Corner of Cool and Convenience

TLofts | 11500 Tennessee Avenue | Los Angeles | 90064

Here and Now Artist

Here and Now Sponsors

Lisa Adams

Peter Alexander

Daniel Aksten

Michael Arata

Dawn Arrowsmith

Kelly Barrie

Brian Bosworth

James Boulton

Justin Bower

Andy Brown

Dan Callis

Ryan Callis

York Chang

Allison Cortson

Joseph G. Cruz

David De Boer

Walpa D'Mark

Martin Durazo

McLean Fahnestock

Bill Farroux

Asad Faulwell

Roni Feldman

PJ Fidler

David French

JJ Garza

Kio Griffith

Sherin Guirguis

Mary Addison Hackett

Gregory Michael Hernandez

Darren Hostetter

Aska Iida

Ichiro Irie

Kiel Johnson

Billy Kheel

Andy Kolar

Aitor Lajarin

Ivan Limas

Sandra Low

Maya Lujan

Keaton Macon

Jason Manley

Tim McMullen

Samuel Moyer

Tim Nolan

Brian O'Dell

Ruby Osorio

Paul Paiement

Claudia Parducci

Josh Peters

Christina Pierson

Ian Pines

Ashley Poole

Max Presneill

Jason Ramos

Joe Reihsen

Roland Reiss

Julie Rofman

Michael Salerno

Jaime Scholnick

Sara Simon

Brad Spence

Alex Staiger

April Street

Nakhee Sung

Macha Suzuki

Chris Tallon

Britton Tolliver

Comora Tolliver

Osvaldo Trujillo

Devon Tsuno

Mike Vegas

Feodor Voronov

Matt Wardell

Rachel Warkentin

HK Zamani

The TLofts


The pulse of the city. Your neighborhood in constant motion, perpetually revolving around you. Excitement and possibility just outside your door. This is true urban living, and TLofts brings it home to West Los Angeles. Steps from retail, recreation, dining and other diversions, TLofts delivers cosmopolitan style, work/live convenience and eco-friendly design in one unmistakable, highly desirable location.



Lee Homes


In their sixth decade as one of the premier real estate development companies in Southern California, Lee Homes is currently one of the most active builders in the greater Los Angeles area. Recognized for innovative design, environmental sensitivity, integrity and market foresight, the developer’s range of housing projects include luxury estates, mixed-use housing over retail, single-family homes, and affordable housing for low and moderate income families. With a primary focus in the last two decades on developing urban infill properties located close to work, friends and family, Lee Homes has distinguished itself as the leader in urban living.



Venice Family Clinic


Founded in 1970 in a borrowed storefront dental office, the Clinic has grown into the largest free clinic in the nation. Founder Phillip Rossman, MD, and co-founder Mayer B. Davidson, MD, called upon friends and colleagues to help. That spirit of volunteerism prevails today with more than 1,500 volunteers and $11.3 million in-kind contributions from hospitals, laboratories, specialty-care providers and pharmaceutical companies.


Programs and Services

The Clinic provides comprehensive primary health care, specialty care, dental care, mental health services, health education and child development services, as well as public insurance enrollment to more than 23,500 patients, including approximately 5,800 children, who make nearly 100,000 visits annually. Prescription medicines are provided at no charge.




Torrance Art Museum


Through its emphasis on contemporary artistic expression in Southern California and globally, the Torrance Art Museum brings together visual artists and community members; fosters personal and civic well being by inspiring understanding and appreciation of the visual arts; promotes meaningful experiences in the arts to strengthen creative and critical thinking skills; and builds bridges between the visual arts and other disciplines in the humanities and sciences.



Raid Projects Los Angeles


Raid Projects is an exhibition and curatorial organization that is dedicated to supporting and facilitating innovative cultural production in Los Angeles. Raid Projects strives to examine and foster innovative practices in the local, national and international contemporary field by responding thoughtfully to the moment. Raid also curate exhibitions for other galleries, project spaces, museums and alternative venues in the United States and globally. Exhibitions have come to Raid Projects from Japan, U.K., Australia and Mexico and we have sent exhibitions to Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sydney, New York, Chicago, London, Berlin, Mexico City and Scottsdale.



City View


City View is a national institutional real estate investor committed to providing market-rate homes to the American-working citizens who truly shape our communities: teachers, firefighters, police officers and nurses. To uphold this mission, City View develops strategic partnerships with real estate developers and homebuilders that go beyond capital. The company’s flexible source of financing options, along with its national experience and market trend expertise, have allowed it to help fund the American dream across the nation.

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