LA Mart 12th Floor

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Durden and Ray Presents Vertigo

Foundation for Art Resources FAR BIZZAR: Gift Exchange

Jonathan Apgar

Nina Becker

York Chang

Michael Dopp

Steve Hampton

Michelle Carla Handel

Wendy Heldmann

Katie Herzog

William Kaminski

Owen Kydd

Ashley Landrum

Max Presneill

Nano Rubio

Gabie Strong

Grant Vetter

Stephanie Washburn

Peter Wu

Samira Yamin

Join us, True Believers, on the cloud-tainted, towering twelfth floor terror of the L.A. Mart (home of the Art Platform art fair), waaay above the reeling confusion and spiraling dizziness of the streets below, in order to contemplate our inability to grasp the 'real' in a culture of radical re-mediation........


Vertigo presents a mix of artists with radically disparate interests. Moving between different forms of pictorial iconography this survey seeks to expand the proper confines of what a group show is 'about'. Oblique references, fluid relationships between connections and overlapping moments or 'sets' of layered meaning encourage active cross pollination of ideas and intersecting areas of mutual intent. Mixing interests about abstraction, myth, comics, music, reportage and history into a single venue provides a fleeting snapshot of our understanding of the contemporary moment.


This heady mix of established and emerging artists presents us with a wide view of what is going on in the bustling art world of LA today. As such, this exhibition is aimed at privileging multiple and incongruous readings of the possible connections between works while highlighting transitory moments of 'stable' meaning that issue from the play of intertextual and interpictorial allusions.


Foundation for Art Resources FAR BIZZAR: Gift Exchange

L.A. Mart 1933 S. Broadway Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. 90007

Opening: Friday December 16th, 7pm to 10:30pm.

Foundation for Art Resources presents FAR BIZZAR: Gift Exchange. This is a one-night only show for artists by artists about trading work with other artists. Every artist has a piece of work in their studio that calls out to have a home in another artists personal collection where it can be enjoyed as a little piece of wonderful. Come blow the dust out of your studio for the new year and trade pieces with other artists in the community all night long. For this open call of FAR BIZZAR bring your wildest, off beat studio projects – pieces that you've hidden away from the light of day wondering if it even qualifies as art! All mediums welcome – conceptual, text art, photography, photo, whatever – trade performances if possible! Even just trade ideas about art written down on a piece of paper if you aren't a studio producer.

No work will be refused! No entrance fees! No suggested donations! No registration! No one to contact in advance! Show up with art, as much or as little as you would like to trade in a single night, and bring what you need to install. (Basic hammer and nails will be provided upon request). Come early and stay late until everyone goes home happy. In keeping with holiday spirit no money will be exchanged this evening, only art, hugs and good cheer. The more the merrier! Hot coca, egg nog and open bar all night long.

Schedule: Upon arrival everyone gets a number, a name tag and a pen to write with.


7-9pm: Artists arrive and hag, stack, lean or otherwise inform people about what work they have to trade. All works will be numbered coming in the door.


9-10pm: Artists write their name next to all the pieces they are interested in trading with.


10-10:30pm: Open trading begins. Approach whoever you want to trade with and see if they want to trade up! Unlimited trading all night long!


Visit FAR: Foundation for Art Resources @ to find out more about our future events.

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